Spirit Of Nature Oracle – Matthews & Worthington


Spirit Of Nature Oracle – John Matthews & Will Worthington

25-card deck & 128-page guidebook
I was delighted to be offered a review copy of the Spirit of Nature Oracle. It was promoted as “a hi-spec revamp” of the 2003 oracle and as such I expected it to be largely replicating the cards I already owned and used. I was right to think so. This review therefore covers both editions of this 25-card oracle set and explanatory book, but I wanted to begin with this caveat before I started; if you have The Green Man Oracle you’ll not need to invest in this version, but if you don’t – well, let me tell you why this would be a fine purchase.
I’ve a great fondness for tarot and oracle cards. Both working in different ways to a similar end, they serve as a tool to disentangle ones self from the humdrum, and reach out into the non-apparent worlds for guidance and inspiration. I don’t tend to work with them in the strictly formal sense, but certainly the stories contained in the cards – in their suits and archetypes, and in the beautiful artwork – there is enough to catch the attention of the inner mind.

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