All our Native American Navajo rugs are genuine vintage and antique pieces.

These are NOT machine-made copies “inspired by” Navajo designs. Beware of fakes and imitations crawling all over the internet!

Our stunning rugs were woven by hand in Arizona and New Mexico, predominantly between 1890’s and 1970’s. The weavers used a handmade wooden loom and secret blends of natural vegetal dyes from the local flora. Weavers were strictly Navajo women, learning their trade from their elders at an early age, and passing on those complex ancestral techniques to the next generation. The designs vary depending on the region, period and artist’s creativity. Each rug is unique. You can find out more about Navajo Rugs here in our blog.

We have categorised the rugs by size to help you choose the right fit for your home. As a loose general guideline: Small is ideal for hanging up on the walls or using as table and altar covers. Medium generally works best in the bedroom or hallway and as sofa or chair throws. The larger sizes will fit larger spaces such as living-rooms and dining-rooms.

Below you will find the largest Navajo rug collection outside the US. At Wilde Ones, we offer free UK shipping and we ship worldwide at very reasonable rates (including regularly to the US).

We hope you enjoy these magical weavings as much as we did collecting them!

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