The Navajo tribe is one of the largest Native American tribes in the United States; they are based in nowadays Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Utah, in the American Southwest. The Navajo are particularly adept at hand-crafting beautiful jewellery but it’s through their weaving prowess that they really stand apart.


The art of weaving

The Navajo developed their weaving techniques hundreds of years ago and their work soon became unparalleled in quality, colour patterns and intricate designs. They initially wove medium size pieces (“Chief’s Blankets”) meant only for wearing. In the late nineteenth century, the emergence of the Santa Fe Railroad and the first trading posts facilitated access to a wider variety of dyes and yarns and allowed for commercialisation. The weavings began to sell as floor rugs and saddle blankets as well as decorative wall hangings.

Designs like no others

Native Americans find inspiration from nature and their immediate surroundings. This is why you will often notice complex geometric patterns and vivid colours in the Navajo Rug designs, representing mountain structures, lightning storms, wind paths and all kinds of pictorial motifs. One of the most popular designs is The Dazzler, which almost seems to vibrate of its own volition.

Each a rare precious piece of history

Each rug is unique. It was hand-woven on a hand-built traditional wooden loom by its weaver over the course of several months, sometimes a whole year. Only the Navajo women can become weavers and the technique is traditionally passed on from mother to daughter. Each design is truly a work of art, expressing the artistic individuality and skill of its maker. Navajo Rugs are becoming very rare and it is no wonder their value keeps increasing every year. In 2015, Sotherby’s auctioned a lot of old Navajo weavings for over $2M.

Intricate work

A stylish addition to any home

Navajo Rugs look incredible in any setting, be it on your living-room floor, bedroom, hallway or even as a wall tapestry. Their simple yet intricate patterns suddenly breathe life into the room. The infinite range of muted colours, pastels and vivid reds offers a broad palette to choose from and will fit in with traditional wooden floors and furniture just as well as with über-modern interiors.

A collection to be proud of

We at Wilde Ones are very passionate about our Navajo Rugs. In fact, we are the proud owners of the largest Navajo Rug collection outside the United States. Our pieces date as far back as c.1880’s and range in size from the smallest table mat to giant floor rugs, via hallway, bedroom and coffee table sizes as well as stunning wall hangings. We believe there is a rug for everyone. Will you find yours?

Extensive collection