Dali Tarot Universal Set


Dali Tarot Universal Set

78-card deck & 200-page guidebook
According to well-known tarot author and historian Rachel Pollack, it was during the early 1980’s that the surrealist master Salvador Dali was approached by the producers of the James Bond film ‘Live and Let Die.’ He was charged to create the tarot cards that would be used in the film, but they rejected his work, saying the cards were too “unrecognizable” as Tarot for a mainstream film audience. Dali finished the Tarot deck anyway, and created within it two self portraits; The Magician and the King of Pentacles. His wife Gala appears on The Empress card.This beautiful set is a fantastic tribute to the life and artistic works of Salvador Dali, whether you are an art historian, surrealist painter or Tarot collector.
Published by Taschen, each stunning card uses an illustration by Dali, combined with suit symbols, colourful painting, and images from various artistic sources. Trump and Court Cards have lightly metallic gold borders and title areas, while the Minor Arcana pip cards are framed in a thin gold border. In addition to both Spanish and English titles on the Major Arcana, there are Roman numerals, Hebrew letters and astrological references. Court Cards have English titles. 2 title cards included. Finish is gloss, with reversible Dali signature pattern card backs.

Includes 200 page softcover book with 78 full color reproductions of the cards along with noted international Tarot expert Johannes Fiebig’s commentary on each in English, German and French. Card Dimensions: 78 mm x 140 mm. Condition description: New set opened for photos only; never used for readings.

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