2024 Lunar Calendar


2024 Lunar Calendar
Paper chart 31 x 84 cm
Prepare for the varying phases of the moon with this detailed no-frills calendar.
A lunar phase denotes the appearance of the illuminated section of the moon from earth. These vary cyclically according to the moon’s orbits. One half is always illuminated by the sun, with the exception of lunar eclipses; the boundary between these halves is termed, the ‘terminator’.
These phases accord with suspected variations in human, animal and plant behaviour, as they hold a own effect on surrounding atmospheric pressures. This correlates with the common association between women and the cycles of the moon.
Some claim a relation between this cycle and fertility, as noted throughout the history of literature, others have gone so far as to link the moon’s cycle with election results.
These beautifully printed calendars show the exact shape of the Moon for each night of the year, screen-printed in silvery metallic ink on a deep midnight blue background. As well as dates and days of the week, the calendar gives the exact times of the full, new and quarter moons, and the times when the moon changes from one sign of the zodiac to the next. The posters measure 12 inches by 33 inches (31cm x 84cm) (approx.), and are both lovely and useful!

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