Practical Magic Activation Deck – Kate Taylor


Practical Magic Activation Deck – Kate Taylor & Mat Denney

52-card deck & 108-page guidebook
52 beautifully designed cards – with accompanying guidebook with activation exercises – mix ‘action and intuition’, providing a part life-coaching, part spiritual guide.
The 52-card Practical Magic Activation Deck will help you ignite your inner wisdom and guide you to create pragmatic, practical change.
Designed by empowerment coach Kate Taylor to help you connect mind, body and soul, each card is an ‘invitation’ to turn to the guidebook for an activation exercise that will enhance your wellbeing and deepen your soul connection.
The deck and guidebook use Practical Magic – Kate’s unique approach which blends straight-talking strategy with a dash of spiritual sauce to create an alchemy of measured action combined with a connection to something greater than us.
Activation exercises draw on life coaching tools, journaling prompts, meditation, creative mindfulness and visualization exercises and offer ideas for creating regular practices and addressing issues including burnout or self-doubt.
Kate Taylor (dubbed the ‘Human Dream Catcher’ by her clients) is a life design and empowerment coach, creative business mentor, Master NLP practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist and Qoya teacher. Having left the heady world of advertising as a burnt-out ad executive, Kate found her true calling in life: to empower others on their journey of self-discovery. Kate gives a high-vibe and fresh approach to self-development and modern spirituality through her unique coaching method, Practical Magic. Mat is an artist, printmaker, photographer, creative director and lecturer. He studied fine art printmaking at the Norwich School of Art and now lives and works in London. His work blends digital precision with the warmth and unpredictability of analogue textures and mark-making.

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