Luxury Japanese Meditation Incense – Prince Awaji


Luxury Japanese Incense Sticks | Finest Quality | Prince of Awaji | Aloeswood 

These Luxury Incense Sticks are of the most exceptional quality. This is an incense with the noble accents of Kyara, the prince of Aloeswood (also known as Agarwood and Eaglewood). This is responsibly sourced, as validated by the products CITES certification – # T-SU-09-10111(W)
Prince of Awaji delivers a complex and refined aroma, both spicy and mellow.
  • Box of +/- 70 sticks, square cut
  • Net Weight approx. 40g
  • Each stick approx. 135mm long – just over 5.25 inches
  • Burn time approx. 30 minutes each
  • Ships in a fine, lightweight, lidded wooden box
  • Finest quality incense
  • Made in Japan by a traditional incense manufacturer

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