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The KARIN range of Japanese incense sticks offer traditional fragrances inspired by the 10th century novel ‘Tale of Genji’ (historically known as the world’s first novel, and still in print today). This range is subtle, noble, luxurious and refined – reflecting the books focus on olfactory culture.
Swallows in Flight is a noble and distinguished fragrance imbued with sensuality – featuring rich top notes of jinkoh (aloeswood).
Jinkoh is the name given to the best quality aloeswood (also called agarwood and eaglewood) which is sourced from official stock.

  • Ingredients: cercidiphyllum japonicum (katsura), aquilaria agallocha (aloeswood from Thailand & Indonesia), syzygium aromaticum (clove), honey, tree bark, wood powder, Japanese aromatics, essential oils
  • Fragrance notes: sensual, spicy, woody, relaxing
  • 40 sticks per box
  • 30 minutes per stick
  • Stick length: 136 mm
  • Free ceramic holder included

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