1920’s Gallup Throw Navajo Rug


Classic Gallup Throw featuring the traditional Storm Design patterns representing lightning bolts with the sacred opening at the centre. The white, black and grey threads are the original tones from the distinct sheep wools used at the time. The red threads were dyed using cochineal extracts, a local insect. This rug was woven between 1920 and 1930 so it classifies as an antique. This unique piece is the perfect medium size for hallways, coffee table framing or as a cosy bedside rug.

100% natural sheep wool
100% natural vegetal dyes

Dimensions: 56″ x 33″ / 142 x 84 cm

Handwoven c.1920’s by the Navajo Tribe (New Mexico)

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All of our Navajo Rugs are ethically sourced and Fair Trade. They have made their way to us via private collectors and Native American trading posts. Each piece is unique and highly collectable. These pieces are true historical gems and a testament to the skill of the Navajo weavers.

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