Navajo Rug


Vintage Navajo Rug

This is a genuine Native American Navajo Rug. This Navajo Rug was hand-woven c.1935 by Navajo weavers using traditional Navajo weaving techniques on a wooden loom in New Mexico, USA.. 
This Navajo Rug is made of 100% sheep’s wool. The wool, after being carded and going through numerous meticulous steps, is dyed with natural vegetal dyes from local plants. Cochineal is traditionally used to create those intense red colours.
The dimensions of this Navajo Rug are: 170 x 110 cm / 68″ x 43″
The design is called ‘Storm Dazzler’. It represents lightning bolts and is a very specific Navajo design also found in their jewellery. The Navajo Tribe finds great inspiration from nature and their immediate surroundings such as mountains and sunsets. Storm Dazzlers have also been known to be used for shamanic practices, as the zigzags can appear to ‘vibrate’ during visualisations. 
Each rug is unique as no two are ever the same. This Navajo Rug will add a powerful and elegant touch to any living space. It is also a rare item which will attract collectors from around the world.
This Navajo Rug can be used as a floor rug. It can be featured in the hallway, bedroom, or living-room. It will frame nicely a coffee table, for example. 

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This Navajo Rug is ethically sourced and Fair Trade. Our Navajo Rugs have made their way to us via private collectors and Native American trading posts. Each piece is unique and highly collectable. These pieces are true historical gems and a testament to the skill of the Navajo weavers.