Tarot Palmistry Reading with Diana Crawshaw

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Half-Hour Session
Tarot • Palmistry • Astrology
In-Person Only
Wednesday to Saturday

Diana has been a professional palmist since 1973 and Wilde Ones’ official tarot reader and astrologer since 1998.

When we do a reading together, looking into the future, with the tarot cards and the palms of your hands as tools, we have a picture forming. Sometimes you may have a question, or just want to see what comes out. Sometimes we both get a surprise, because a hitherto hidden or unexpected factor emerges, which explains why things are happening the way they are. The position of the planets is a very important factor for everyone and it helps to see the influence they have on our lives at the moment, why things are happening as they are and when obstacles will be removed or when they will occur so we can handle them. Money, love and health are the main areas that occupy our minds and rule our lives and are influenced by the planetary line ups in the sky, whether we like it or not. A reading with me can be helpful and illuminating, so it can prepare and help strengthen and equip you mentally for your life ahead.
     Diana Crawshaw

Video: In conversation with Diana & Lilo: Tarot as Guidance and Spiritual Tool

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Reading venue for in-person sessions: Wilde Ones, 283 Kings Rd, SW3 5EW


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8 reviews for Tarot Palmistry Reading with Diana Crawshaw

  1. Julia Chi (verified owner)

    Diana read my palms and gave me a tarot reading
    I enjoyed the experience immensely and found her reading of my palms and the cards very helpful, insightful and accurate.
    Her energy is also lovely – very kind and compassionate – and I felt supported in making decisions at a juncture on life journey.
    Thank you Diana

    Julia Chi

  2. Emma Score (verified owner)

    Wonderful readings from Diana, very accurate and deeply intuitive – I returned a second time as her predictions came to pass very quickly!

  3. Viveka (verified owner)

    I have been working with Diana for three years now and she is absolutely incredible. She is deeply knowledgeable, intuitive and compassionate. Diana has an amazing gift and her dedication to palmistry and tarot readings is truly unique.

    If you are at all reticent about exploring palmistry and/or tarot Diana is an excellent guide. I feel very grateful to have crossed paths with her.

  4. Mark (verified owner)

    I have been having tarot readings by Diana for more than 10 years now and I can honestly say she is amazing. Always a great idea to speak with Diana when you have big or important decisions to take as she can really add some interesting context and insight for you

  5. AP (verified owner)

    I saw Diana for palmistry, tarot and astrology as it was my first session and came out feeling incredibly satisfied, open, grounded and full of energy. I went in with an open mind to factors in my life and the guidance received I will take with me into the future. I already knew the issues in my life and Diana affirmed them without me explaining anything! Diana was very warm, gentle, informative and is a great listener too. I can’t wait to see her again when time tells me to.

  6. Cecile (verified owner)

    I found Diana by magic 10 years ago when I experienced a sudden dramatic change in my life . I told her nothing but she knew from the first when I sat down for the reading. She knew and showed me the gifts I had to heal and the bright new path ahead for me. She was spot on!

    10 years on, I had a reading on my birthday. The best gift I gave myself! Her intuitive insights reinforced my desire to try new things this birthday year. She was encouraging and kind. Exceptional Readings!

  7. Anastasia

    I had my first card and palm reading experience with Diana! It was mind blowing for me. Every little thing resonated with me and made complete sense! She has the gift of speech as well, as she does so with so much charm it becomes really pleasant to listen to her. I also loved how we went through past recent and future events with the reading and everything unfolded in a way that to me seemed magic. I found her to be a great empath as well, which added onto the experience.

    I will come again and again.

  8. Francesca

    I have been coming to see Diana for at least 10 yrs now on and off. I love her readings, she has always been extremely accurate even to the point where I’ve thought to myself ooh that doesn’t sound like it’s on my radar but it has always transpired it’s self one way or another.
    I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
    Diana is extremely calming the way she reads. I always come away with positivity and a great sense of clarity.

    I absolutely recommend you coming to visit Diana.

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