Philbert Begay Gold Turquoise Coral Bracelet


14K Gold
Turquoise (USA)
Red Coral (USA)

Height: 8 mm
Inner circumference: 165 mm
Inner width: 60 mm
Inner depth: 40 mm

Handmade and signed by Navajo artist Philbert Begay in New Mexico

Philbert Begay

Philbert Begay is the son of noted Navajo silversmith, Richard Begay. Richard and Philbert Begay’s jewelry is rooted in traditional Navajo designs and accented with fine, natural turquoise and other quality gemstones. Philbert also excels in intricate silver inlay, a technique his father is famous for. After growing up around the art of jewelry and learning many skills from his father, Philbert’s natural talent in jewelry-making has given him a name of his own. Philbert started making jewelry when he was 14 years old, and went out on his own at age 21.  He is now 47 years old in 2016.  His father is his biggest influence, and he also has been influenced by his Uncle Victor Beck, Uncle Patrick Taylor and James Little. He is married with 3 children ages 22, 20 and 16 and they reside in Flagstaff. In his spare time he likes to play golf, run and hike as he loves the outdoors.

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