Native American Zuni Mole Fetish



Height: 10 mm
Length: 50 mm
Width: 20 mm

Handmade by the Zuni Tribe, New Mexico

The Mole has a profound and rich connection with its inner self. Like the Mole, you may benefit now from solitude and introspection. Don’t look for solutions around you, as all your answers are only within yourself. Get back to yourself, and look inside Examine your emotions and understand your patterns. It may not be pretty, but explore even your darkest corners and deepest wounds. Be honest and don’t try to embellish things. Only when you really know yourself, will you be able to initiate deep changes.

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Our Native American collection is ethically sourced and Fair Trade. We have been traveling to the US since 1987, handpicking the finest pieces directly from Native American artists. It is our passion to promote authentic Native American creations and to champion the values of ancient crafts and traditions.