Indian Incense Nitiraj Masterpiece Collection – Nanak


Nanak Natural Incense Sticks from the Nitiraj Masterpiece Collection. This ancient blend of sandal and frankincense is dedicated to Nanak, Guru of the Sikh’s honored in hearts and shrine through India.
Niritaj natural incenses are hand crafted in India using traditional process of making incenses which dates back hundreds of years. Blended natural resins, fragrant herbs, spices and aromatic oils which are then combined with honey and sandalwood powder and then rolled on to a bamboo stick.
This is a lovely incense to set the mood for meditation, yoga, relaxation and spiritual work. 
A fair trade product made with sustainable natural ingredients. 

  • 25 grams
  • 15 long sticks per box
  • 1 hour burning time per stick

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