Hedge Witch – Rae Beth


Hedge Witch: A Guide to Solitary Witchcraft – Rae Beth

192 pages (paperback)
Written in the form of letters from an experienced witch to her two apprentices, solitary witchcraft is offered, not as a substitute for coven worship, but as a fulfilling lifestyle in its own right.
Rae Beth explains the importance of the Goddess and her consort, the Horned God, as sources of spiritual strength and worship. The author extols the feminine principles of healing and regeneration as well as attacking greed and self-interest which jeopardise the planet’s very future.
Rae Beth provides spells for all the key festivals of the witch’s calendar; describes and outlines the Pagan approach to finding a partner. Her lyrical letters, accompanied by delicate pen-and-ink sketches, bring the reader towards a deeper understanding of the solitary witch’s lifestyle and beliefs.
This is a book which should grace the bookshelf of every budding occultist.

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