Eudialyte Crystal


Eudialyte (Canada)

Length: 63 mm
Width: 28 mm
Depth: 24 mm

ATTRIBUTES: Eudialyte has a directional vibrational energy which blocks and fine-tunes multiple transmissions. Eudialyte promotes the anisotropic (variable with direction) energies of sound waves. It also assists with clairaudient capabilities, and helps with stabilizing variables from which they emanate.  Eudialyte stimulates both the Alpha and Beta states. Eudialyte supports the discharge of the Beta brain wave pattern of the conscious mind and activates brain wave pattern of the dreaming mind with minimal extra sensory perception (ESP) and cellular energy renewal.  WHEW! It has been said that there is a measurable increase in both the Alpha and Beta states after holding Eudialyte for one hour. Eudialyte also opens and activates the heart chakra. Eudialyte facilitates manifestation of energy on the Earth plane.  The energy flows from the crown to the base chakra, opening the chakras and provides a pathway for the Kundalini.  Eudialyte helps to dispel jealousy, anger, guilt, resentment, hostility, animosity, despondency, depression, anguish, and sorrow. Eudialyte  facilitates “absent-forgiveness”  and rings the bell in one’s mind and heart whenever soul-travelers reunite.
HEALING: Eudialyte may be used in the treatment of disorders of the optics of the eyes.  Eudialyte may also be used to locate exact disorders to amplify the vibration of the outer bodies to stimulate expedient responses.

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