April Unkestine Kachina Brooch Pendant


Golden Mother-of-Pearl
American Turquoise
Red Coral
Sterling Silver

Height: 50 mm
Width: 52 mm

Handmade and signed by Zuni artist April Unkestine in New Mexico

The Hopi Native American Tribe has always valued kachina dolls because kachina spirits are
extremely important to their evryday life. Kachina dolls are made in the image of various
kachina spirits which the Hopi worship.
The kiva has been at the heart of Hopi tradition for over one thousand years. Kiva ceremonies
take place in sacred, round ceremonial chambers. Hopi Native Americans believe life began in
the kivas. The Hopi believes that first people to live on earth left their dark home in the
earth’s interior and climbed from the kiva upward toward the light and the present world.
They also believe they will return to the underworld after death.
Kachinas were the spiritual beings who taught the Hopis how to live on earth after their
emergence. The kachina dolls are religious icons. They represent the spiritual essence of
everything in the world. In a way they’re like statues of saints. The word “Kachina,” Katsina
or Qatsina, means “life Bringer,” in the Hopi language.

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