1987 Cleo Teissedre Storyteller Pottery


Natural pigments
Traditional Storyteller design

Height: 70 mm / 2¾”
Width: 32 mm / 1¼”
Depth: 58 mm / 2¼”

Handmade and signed by the late Navajo artist Cleo Teissedre (1930-2020). Cleo was born in Pasadena, CA, and lived in Tucson, AZ, from 1961 where she produced the bulk of her beautiful œuvre. She was also a talented painter, member of the South Arizona Watercolour Guild and of the Tuscan Creative Cloud for Photographers Group.

Cleo Teissedre (1930-2020)

The Native American Indian storytellers represent an important part of the oral tradition found in many Native American Indian cultures. Native Americans often use storytelling as a teaching tool for young generations to learn about traditional cultural values and beliefs. Our storytellers vary from traditional to contemporary and whimsical. Each storyteller is bought directly from Pueblo artists, so they are guaranteed authentic.

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