Turquoise Bracelets

You will find below our extensive collection of Native American turquoise bracelets from the Navajo and Zuni Tribes in New Mexico. Each piece is handmade and unique. Turquoise is the most revered mineral used in Native American jewellery. It is mined locally in Nevada, Utah and Arizona, where the finest quality gems are found. 

Our Native American turquoise bracelets are one-off pieces so they come in various sizes. To find out whether a piece will fit your wrist, simply measure your wrist at its largest point (over the wrist bone). Your wrist size should be around 5 mm less than the  “inner circumference” measurement in the product description. You can also email us at with your wrist size and we’ll send you the full list of what will fit you. 

Turquoise represents Father Sky in Native American mythology. Wearing turquoise bracelets and other jewellery protects us from negative influences and promotes an optimistic attitude. It helps us become clear about our purpose in life, enhances energy flow in the body, and calms the mind. Furthermore, it promotes communication and opens the heart for pure love.  

The Indians of Native America believe that turquoise creates a direct connection with the sky. As the stone on turquoise bracelets possesses healing powers, it is used in the sacred bundles of medicine men. According to legends of the Aztecs, people rejoice and dance when the rains come, and their tears of joy mix with the rainwater, the earth soak it to create the ‘sky stone’. Turquoise is a symbol of protection, truth, and courage. According to Native Americans, the person who wears the stone is protected from harm, especially when fighting battles, while animals carry the rider safely and prevent falling off.

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