9K Gold Moonstone Aqua Aura Pendant


9K Gold
Polished Rainbow Moonstone Cabochon
Raw Aqua Aura Point

Length: 45 mm
Width: 15 mm

Handmade by Natee exclusively for Wilde Ones

Aqua Aura is called both a success stone and an abundance stone. It is said to attract success to all who use or carry it, and help them understand that it is indeed success. Aqua Aura can bring prosperity, even possibly wealth. The crystal vibration has been intensified by the addition of the fine gold and this is reported to speed up the time one takes to realise the potential healing properties of one’s own emotions. Aqua Aura is a self-realisation crystal. It creates inner peace, calms the nerves and allows one to tune into their inner wisdom and knowledge naturally with confidence.

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