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Elle | 2013
Elle | 2013

Indulge in our high-end Native American Jewellery

Temperley AW22
Elle | 2013
Elle | 2013

The finest authentic picees sourced directly from the Zuni, Navajo, Hopi, Santo Domingo & Sioux Tribes

Large Hollow Brazilian Amethyst Geode

Enchant your life with the power of Crystals

Gem Quality Aquamarine Twin Crystals
Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster
Raw Pink Kunzite Crystal Wand

Stunning specimens from all over the world with a focus on self-growth and manifestation

9K Gold Faceted Aquamarine Pendant

Be dazzled by our luxury Gold Jewellery Collection

9K Gold Cross Necklace
18K Gold Anahata Chakra Pendant
9K Gold Aqua Aura Talisman

Handcrafted by the incredible Natee, our German partner based in remote Thailand, exclusively to Wilde Ones

Wilde Ones Navajo Rugs

Adorn your space with our authentic Navajo Rugs

Wilde Ones Navajo Rugs
Wilde Ones Navajo Rugs - Mae Morgan
Wilde Ones Navajo Rugs

The largest antique collection in Europe. Each piece woven and dyed by hand, using ancestral Navajo techniques. 

Enrich your interiors with mesmerising Native American Pottery

San Ildefonso Blue Corn Pottery
Beatrice Loretto Jemez Storyteller Pottery
Jay Vallo Acoma Pottery

Sourced directly from the Acoma and Zuni Tribes. Each one-of-a-kind and signed by the artist.

Connect with your Spirit Animal through our Native Animal Carvings

Vintage Anton Faye Inuit Raven Carving
Dilbert Gasper Black Bear Carving

Hundreds of handcarved beauties from the Zuni but also the Inuit Tribe

Raise your vibration with our Native American Drums

Native American Buffalo Ceremonial Drum
Native American Eagle Kachina Shamanic Drum
Giovanna Paponetti Ceremonial Bear Drum

Handmade and handpainted by the Sioux Tribe in South Dakota – free traditional drumstick included

Shop the look with our authentic Native American Belts

Giovanna Paponetti Ceremonial Ram Drum
Taos Pueblo Mimbres Ceremonial Drum
Native American Ceremonial Wolf Drum

A wide range of belts, buckles & concho belts – handmade & signed by the Navajo, Zuni & Hopi Tribes

Sit back & drift away with our delicious incenses from around the world

Frankincense Resin
Taos Pueblo Mimbres Ceremonial Drum
Incense Burner - Green Fountain

A broad selection of natural incense sticks, sage and resins from California, Africa, India and Japan

Get a head start and predict the future with our Oracle Tools

Soul Mate Cards - Toni Carmine Salerno
Sacred Geometry Cards - Francene Hart
Conjure Cards - Jake Richards

A rich selection of tarot, oracle card decks and rune sets

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