Poterie Acoma Pot à Graines


Hauteur: 180 mm
Largeur: 180 mm
Ouverture: 24 mm

Une création Acoma signée Myra Lukee

« The Acoma pueblo is best known for their unique pottery style and method, utilizing techniques which have been in practice since the Acoma establishment in 1150 A.D (when the Aztec civilization was established around this time in Mexico, Southwestern Native American art was already at its peak). (5) Perhaps their finest export, Acoma pottery is emblematic of the lifestyle of people who make it. It typically features thin walls, fluted rims, hand painted animal motifs, geometric patterns usually rendered in stark black and white, or muted warm colors, and is unglazed — stylistic elements which collectively make Acoma pottery easily recognizable. Like most traditional pottery, the Acoma people created these objects with functionality in mind, using them for storage, drinking, eating, and other ceremonial purposes. Types of pottery forms include bowls, seed jars, effigy pots, and drinking pots. Because of the dry climate and the type of clay native to the land, pottery produced in this region is both lightweight and durable. The clay is naturally gray, but appears white in most Acoma pottery because it is layered with Kaolin, a type of soft white clay. Pigments are derived from natural resources such as minerals, plants, and other types of clays. » Click here for the full article courtesy of MIR Appraisal.

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