Law of Attraction Manifestation Journal – Latha Jay


Law of Attraction Manifestation Journal: A Guided Journal for Manifesting Your Deepest Desires – Latha Jay

128 pages (paperback)
Create wealth, manifest love, and embody joy with a guided journal for three easy-to-follow manifestation techniques.
Everyone manifests–creating what we have in our life through thoughts, beliefs, and actions–but not everyone does so with conscious awareness. Without focused intention, we manifest by default, allowing limiting beliefs and doubts to hold us back.
With the Law of Attraction Manifestation Journal, you take back your power to actualize the life you’ve always wanted. Call in your dream reality with:
Powerful guidance to shift your mindset, release limiting beliefs, and attune to your greatest desires
The 369 manifestation method to harness the power of divine numbers that amplify your ability to manifest
The 555 manifestation method to transform your mindset at the subconscious level and cultivate deep commitment
The scripting manifestation method to access multiple areas of powerful thoughts and emotions
Roomy blank pages with numbered lines that make manifestation journaling a pleasurable, high vibration experience


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