Tarot Reading with Diana Crawshaw

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Diana started reading hands and tarot cards at Wilde Ones, twenty one years ago and is here between Tuesday and Saturday. She spent many years as a fashion designer in London, a job which took her all over the world and met a great variety of people. Curiosity and the study of old books on the subject led her into the study of character and potential shown in the hands, faces and body language of people at she started to read the hands of friends.
« One day, having read the hand of a friend, who was Richard Branson’s personal assistant, I was invited to go to his offices in Holland Park and read the hands of his staff. This led to me being sent to Heathrow to read for his cargo division staff and so it went on. I stopped the fashion design work and decided that people were more interesting. It is fascinating to me to look at a person and read them, as they walk along the street, sit in front of me, or talk to me. The patterns on finger tips and palms, the shape, colour and texture of hands, fingers and nails open up a world of information to me, like opening a book. The body, hands and face show a picture of the inherited character as well as a record of the journey that has been taken or attempted, so far. That’s called character. Your equipment. So, when we sit down to do a reading together, I have all these factors to help me and then, looking into the future, with the lines on the hand and the tarot cards as tools, we have a picture forming. Sometimes you may have a question, or just want to see what comes out. Sometimes we both get a surprise, because a hitherto hidden or unexpected factor emerges, which explains why things are happening the way they are. The position of the planets is a very important factor, for everyone and it helps to see the influence they have on our lives at the moment, why things are happening as they are and when obstacles will be removed or when they will occur, so we can handle them. Money, love and health are the main areas that occupy our minds and rule our lives and are influenced by the planetary line ups in the sky, whether we like it or not. A reading with me can be helpful and illuminating, so it can prepare and help strengthen and equip you mentally for your life ahead. »

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