Woodstock Chakra Chimes – Amethyst


Amethyst represents the Crown Chakra – thought and self-knowledge.
When developed, the Crown Chakra brings us knowledge, wisdom, understanding, spiritual connection, and bliss. Amethyst enhances peace of mind and bestows stability, strength and contentment.
Woodstock Chakra Chimes combine colour and sound to underscore the ancient meaning of the major energy centres of the human body. Eastern Philosophy can often be difficult for the Western scientific mind to assimilate and yet, many of the eastern claims are being proven scientifically as the time honoured truths that they are. 
The beautiful windcatcher of each of our Woodstock Chakra Chimes is a colourful stone associated with a particular Chakra. These wind chimes are intended to remind us of the strength of mind over matter and, through sound, give us a small window into the balance of the physical and metaphysical.
This product is designed to hang from a string loop, rather than an O-ring.

Length: 17″ / 430 mm

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