Poterie Lagunda Debra Waconda


Pigments naturels

Hauteur: 160 mm
Largeur: 200 mm
Ouverture: 153 mm

Une création Laguna signée Debra Waconda

« Laguna’s pottery tradition is very similar to that of Acoma. Shapes are very similar but designs are often more bold. The ancients also made more effigies, especially of bighorn rams. Before their travel was restricted by the Spanish, the ancient volcano we call « Mount Taylor » was part of their summer home and year-round hunting habitat. Bighorn sheep were common on the mountain. Effigies of the ram were also prayers for good hunting made manifest. Arguments have been made that the « Tularosa spiral, » of Jornada Mogollon heritage, might also represent the spirals of a large bighorn ram’s horns. The name comes from designs on pot sherds found in the Tularosa Basin, east of the Rio Grande in New Mexico. The mountains around the Tularosa Basin were also flush with bighorn sheep in those days. Settlements attributed to the Jornada Mogollon people have been found in an area stretching from the Tularosa Basin west to near Springerville, AZ. Laguna is in the middle of that travel route. Travel in those days was from watering hole to watering hole, and all villages were located close to a watering hole. Depending on the welcome they received, migrants might sometimes stop at a pueblo for a couple growing seasons. Some migrants never left while some groups picked up new migrants when they moved on. There was significant cultural and technological cross-pollination in the area of Laguna. » (Courtesy of Eyes of the Pot)

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