Petite Sculpture Ange Améthyste



50 mm


L’améthyste est un tranquillisant naturel, il soulage le stress et la tension, apaise l’irritabilité, équilibre les sautes d’humeur, dissipe la colère, la rage, la peur et l’anxiété. Améthyste est un outil spirituel qui active l’intuition et assiste parfaitement à la méditation.

Angels are a type of energy being that is not human or animal. One of their missions is to help us with our mission and our life in general. They do this in many ways but I will discuss details on this a bit later. Unlike people, as soon as you ask the angels for help, they will help you! They will also never judge you and are always supportive, even if you are acting less than saintly. Angels Are Here to Help. You are not bothering the angels when you ask for their help! They are here to help us shift and change but they need to be invited to help in order to do so. They are always there emotionally supporting us and giving messages but its not until we ask for their help that they are allowed to step in and intervene in your life. In addition to asking the Archangels for help, you can also ask the specialty angels for help. Specialty angels work in different areas to help the world. So whatever you need help with, ask the angel in charge of that to help. You can ask parking angels, marketing angels, abundance angels, housekeeping angels, relationship angels, teacher angels, etc. The more you receive the more you can help others so ask for as much help as you want and watch your life and the world transform.

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