Pendentif Broche Cardinal Rouge


Argent Sterling

Largeur: 24 mm
Largeur: 37 mm

Une création Zuni signée Andrea et Shirley Lonjose (Nouveau-Mexique)

Les Messagers du monde des esprits
Cardinals have been considered messengers sent by the spirit world for quite literally thousands of years. This notion spreads across a number of different cultures — wherever these beautiful red songbirds are found, the legend arises. It’s therefore not too surprising to see the word “cardinal” used to signify an important or meaningful object or relationship. Whether it’s cardinal angels, cardinal directions, or cardinal colours, the use of the word denotes something big and noteworthy.
This makes it especially appropriate that the word itself contains the Latin root word cardo, which means either an axis or a hinge — a point which everything revolves around or holds all moving parts together. Cardinals are, resultantly, viewed as the revolving point between our world and the spirit world, acting as messengers between the two.

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