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This article looks at Zuni Animal Fetishes and their spiritual properties. We have been trading with Zuni artists for nearly 30 years. Our Wilde Ones team has lots of knowledge about Native American artefacts which they love to share. So here we offer a brief but rich overview of Zuni Fetishes. Also, if you have any questions or comments, comment below or contact us here and we’ll get back to you.

A vast array of choice…

Here is a very brief Zuni Fetish history

Zuni artists have been carving Animal Fetishes since ancient times: they believe that each animal fetish is filled with shamanic power specific to its species. To the Native American, animals are great teachers as well as a natural source of power and wisdom.  In fact you can find out more about the history of Zuni Fetishes on the dedicated Wiki page.

But who/what is Zuni?

The Zuni are a tribe of Native Americans that can be tracked back at least 4000 years.  They live in the Zuni river valley in Western New Mexico. In particular, the Zuni tribe are notable for their amazing crafts. They hand-craft jewellery, pottery and trinkets. (You can also buy authentic Zuni crafts from our Zuni store here). Most notably, the Zuni tribe craft Spirit Animal Fetishes, each with their own spiritual properties.

zuni fetish wolf
A howling wolf fetish

What materials are Zuni Fetishes made of?

Zuni Fetishes are carved out of many different materials, the most popular being Turquoise. For example; the Zuni Fetishes we sell use materials such as Jet, Mother-of-Pearl,  Jade, Catlinite, Malachite and Onyx.  This means they are easy to carve and durable. In fact, Native Americans will carry the Fetish with them as a spirit guide. Hence why they need to handle some wear and tear. 
Find out more about minerals and their properties in our blog here.

zuni fetish polar bears
A Polar Bear family… the cubs are so cute!

So how do I use a Zuni Fetishes in my life?

Each of us can have one or several spirit animals! In fact we often come across them by chance, repeat encounters and dreams. Also you can use divination tools such as Medicine Cards to guide you. After you have chosen your spirit friend, or rather, once it has chosen you: clean it with sacred herbs such as White Sage or Palo Santo. Then keep it in your home or in a travel pouch, depending on your lifestyle. Besides, Zuni Fetishes do like company so keep adding to your crew!

Here is our Zuni Fetish characteristics guide:


  • protection
  • self-empowerment
  • independence
  • self-discipline


  • organiser
  • action
  • independence
  • decision-making


  • new beginnings
  • open-mindedness
  • objectivity
  • meditation


  • self-healing
  • intuition
  • fearlessness
  • protection


  • builder
  • family
  • creativity
  • relationships


  • provider
  • spirituality
  • abundance
  • protection


  • transformation
  • beauty
  • luck
  • dreams


  • trickster
  • laughter
  • humour
  • teacher


  • gentleness
  • alertness
  • new beginnings
  • timing


  • seeing through illusions
  • travel
  • meditation
  • higher truths


  • spirituality
  • understanding truth
  • abundance
  • strength
  • objectivity


  • strength
  • stamina
  • dreams
  • protection


  • adaptability
  • wisdom
  • intuition
  • travel


  • cleverness
  • adaptability
  • intellect
  • wit


  • cleansing
  • protection
  • creativity
  • prosperity


  • power
  • success
  • strength
  • travel


  • speed
  • joy
  • sex
  • strength
  • energy


  • dreaming
  • travel
  • adaptability
  • awareness


  • grounding
  • realising goals
  • foresight
  • guardianship


  • leader
  • travellers’ protector
  • healing
  • recovery


  • efficiency
  • playfulness
  • intuition
  • power


  • wisdom
  • protection
  • creativity
  • children


  • overcoming fears
  • good luck
  • agility
  • creativity


  • generosity
  • protection
  • lovable rogue
  • resourcefulness
  • versatility


  • sensuality
  • enjoyment of life goals
  • living on the edge


  • magic
  • communication
  • wisdom
  • invisibility


  • transmutation
  • new beginnings
  • travel
  • healing


  • dream weaver
  • wisdom
  • independence
  • harmony


  • independence
  • mother earth
  • longevity
  • perseverance


  • path finder
  • decision-maker
  • communicator
  • organiser

Finally, some of our favourite Zuni Fetishes 

Bear Fetish

Zuni fetish bear
Zuni Bear Fetish

Ram Fetish

Zuni fetish ram
Zuni Ram Fetish

Horse Fetish

Zuni fetish horse
Zuni Horse Fetish

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